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Reflexology in Glasgow from The Complementary Medicine Centre

Reflexology also known as Reflex Zone Therapy is a traditional healing method, re-structured in the 20th century by two far sighted individuals, Dr William Fitzgerald, an American ear nose and throat specialist and Eunice Ingham who worked with massage and reflexology. Seeing the human body as being 'reflected' in the feet the reflexologist using neither drugs nor any equipment other than the hand and visual observation, evaluates the condition of the patient, from the state of the energy channels in the feet and by balancing this flow, can in turn balance the internal organs and the whole mind/body continuum.

In many ways, the reflex centres of the feet are the body's way of telling us of internal disorder. Many conditions of the feet such as hard skin, calluses and fungal infections that may seem unimportant, very often show parallel disorders of the internal organs and by stimulation, or sedating the appropriate reflex zones, the therapist can promote healing in a safe, gentle and holistic manner. Reflexology is a non invasive therapy for the whole person and is a discipline which through its use of the reflex zones, acupuncture points and meridians, often gets powerful results with deep-seated health problems.

At the Complementary Medicine Centre all of our reflexologist are highly trained and skilled in this field .

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