My first contact with George was via email, within which he included his telephone number. When I rang him, he informed me that he was a 52-year-old long-distance lorry driver. He had a serious cigarette problem, was overweight, with high cholesterol and respiratory difficulties.

Realising that he needed help, he informed me that he seriously needed to stop smoking. He was looking for the best and easiest way to break free of the habit. A friend had told him that he had stopped smoking using hypnosis. George confided in me that his life was out of control. He was disgusted with himself for allowing his life to go this way. Apparently when on a long drive, the only pleasurable outlets that he had were smoking and eating.

He told me he had been working out just how much he had spent during a lifetime of smoking cigarettes. George had arrived at the startling figure of around £150,000.

That realisation led to him asking himself what he would do with that kind of money in his life. That led to him telling me that he would have bought his mother’s council house for her, something that she had always wanted.

George asked me if I thought I could help him to quit smoking with my hypnosis. I told George that after having helped hundreds of people quit smoking, yes – I could help him!

It was at that point that he asked if hypnosis could help with his weight problem also. Agreeing that hypnosis can be useful in weight control, I suggested that he should treat these 2 as separate problems. I believed that George’s smoking problem should be handled first. Only then, would our attention turn to his weight issues.

George’s smoking problem was resolved after one hypnosis session. We’re currently working on his other health issues and slowly, his bank balance is improving!

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(Please note: For purposes of confidentiality, this person’s name has been changed.)