On our blog, we’re delighted to start a ‘Remedy of the Month’ series. For January, let us tell you all about Baryta Carbonicum.

The idea for this blog came from watching a video clip of Jorma Kaukonen, the legendary electric and acoustic blues guitarist who at one time was the lead guitarist with the San Francisco, Jefferson Airplane band. Kaukonen was also an acoustic blues and ragtime pupil of the Rev Gary Davis who Stephan Grossman once described as “being to the acoustic steel-string guitar what Andre Segovia was to the classical guitar.”

It was while watching Jorma on his “guitar lick of the day” post that I had the idea of profiling individual homeopathic remedies from time to time. Initially the idea is to post a piece on a remedy once a month, though if this proves useful, monthly could become weekly or even more frequently. The fact that there are over three thousand different homeopathic remedies gives plenty of scope for developments!

This months remedy is Baryta Carbonicum which is Carbonate of Barium. This is usually simply referred to as Baryta Carb, in the homeopathic milieu.

Although a classical homoeopath does not usually prescribe on a named condition but rather chooses a remedy on the totality of the patients symptoms, Dr. John Henry Clarke in his three volume dictionary of material media, lists Baryta Carb under aneurisms, apoplexy, brain & heart affections, enlarged prostate, quinsy, and much more beside.

Baryta Carb is a developmental and rite of passage remedy which has been seen to help with developmental issues both with children and with the  elderly. It has been observed to help with mistrust and lack of confidence issues when children do not want to play with other children. Part of its sphere of influence is also with memory difficulties, making it useful with the elderly or with students working towards examinations.

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