After a very challenging 14 months for the world, we hope lockdowns will become a thing of the past. For those of you looking to benefit from our Acupuncture, stop smoking Hypnotherapy and Homeopathy services, we have great news! We are back in business and wanted to take the time to thank all our clients, friends & suppliers who have supported our practice in Glasgow.

Ruth and Brian have been overwhelmed with Thank You Cards recently from people who were helped before lockdown with acupuncture & fertility treatments. Stopping smoking using Hypnotherapy too, has saved our patients a fortune and completely changed their outlook on health.

How we’ve helped our patients

Looking after your health really has never had so much coverage in the media. Quitting smoking plays a huge part in living your best life. If the events of the past 14 months have made you rethink your lifestyle, and you just need the final push to quit for good – our stop smoking service could really change your life!

Similarly, with lockdown and isolation, we know many people have been struggling with anxiety. This may only be heightened by re-entering into the hustle and bustle of everyday, ‘normal’ life. Brian Fleming is an expert Homeopath with a wide knowledge of solutions that can ease symptoms of anxiety, stress and low mood. Find out more about our Homeopathy service here.

Always here to help

We’re delighted to be back to doing what we love and helping our patients with minimal restrictions. As we progress into this new stage, we hope to welcome new visitors too. So whether you are looking to stop smoking through Hypnotherapy, improve chances of fertility through Acupuncture or just achieve better overall health – we can support you.

Ruth Chappell & Brian Fleming are here to help you. Please follow us on Facebook to keep up to date. Thanks for reading and please continue to stay safe.