Here at the Complementary Medicine Centre, our successful stop smoking regime usually has been a one-on-one process with our Hypnotherapist Mr. Brian Fleming. Luckily, we’ve seen the need to expand our stop smoking services in Glasgow to group and team sessions. With somewhere in the region of 1.3 billion people worldwide involved in the tobacco smoking habit, the more cessation strategies that we can put in place to reduce the grip this addiction can have the better.

Because group and corporate entities can have different needs and requirements from those of individual smokers, we can now offer a stopping smoking programme where up to eight people can be stopping simultaneously. At a time of declining productivity and increasing workforce sick-days in the U.K., it is obvious that a smoke free or smoking reduced workforce will be a healthier and more productive workforce. We have probably all seen in the media that certain employers in Japan are rewarding their non-smoking workers with extra annual holiday days, these employers having recognised that workers who are not stopping for regular cigarette breaks are able to do more work and be more productive. Because these non-smoking employees also enjoy better overall health than their smoking colleagues, it is seen as being to the employer’s advantage to have a non-smoking workforce.

In order to help your company or group achieve a smoke free workplace and workforce, here at the Complementary Medicine Centre we are at your disposal. For details of availability and costs of Group/Corporate stop smoking programmes which can be tailored to your individual needs and can be held at either your premises or our Glasgow centre, reach out to Brian Fleming here.