We hope you’ve all been enjoying watching Olympics coverage over the past couple of weeks. Congratulations to athletes from Great Britain for securing a total of 65 medals all in all. While they will be taking a well-earned break to recover, it is certainly interesting to hear all about their training – and what has helped them acheive Olympic glory.

Olympics champion, Adam Peaty, fresh from Tokyo gold medal success in the pool is a big fan of acupuncture as part of his training regime for the sport.

In a recent interview with Murad Ahmed, much of which appeared in an article published in the FT magazine, Peaty commented that he was “addicted to pain.”

For most of us, pain is a less than attractive aspect of life. However, many athletes subscribe to the “no pain, no gain” belief to achieve their goals in fitness and corresponding competitive success. They deliberately steer themselves towards their pain threshold and beyond to become an elite athlete.

Citing the 35-40 hours a week that he puts into his training schedule Peaty commented that “swimming is a “gruesome sport to train for.”

Of course, not all of Peaty’s training regime takes place in the pool. A considerable amount of it takes place in the gym.

His specialist nutritionist also plays a part in honing the body and mind of this world-class athlete and once a week he has an acupuncture treatment session. This ancient medical modality releases pain-killing endorphins into the bloodstream. When hearing about the rest of his schedule, we can definitely see why this is required as a significant element in his training routine.

We have many clients who visit us at our Glasgow clinic for acupuncture, and not just as a complement to their sport. Our clients use acupuncture to improve the quality of their lives in a myriad of ways. From mental health to improving chances of fertility, acupuncture has helped our clients and they are delighted with the results. Maybe we’ll have a future Olympic champion walk through our doors in Park Circus!

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