How it works

Acupuncture works by stimulating nerve endings deep below the surface of the skin. By manipulating the needles in conjunction with gentle electrical stimulation, your nerves are activated, helping your body release substances called endorphins. This can have positive effects on fertility, including relieving any stress and depression that may be weighing you down.


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Ruth Chappell Lic. Ac. Dip. Ac. M.B.A.C. has been supporting clients with fertility issues with acupuncture since 1990. She will help you make the best possible healthcare choices with expert advice and guidance.

There are many studies which indicate that acupuncture may help with fertility and pregnancy issues.

Acupuncture can help with both female and male fertility issues. The following are areas of research that Ruth deals in;

– Helping counteract stress levels
– Regulating the menstrual cycle
– Improving circulation to the pelvic organs
– Helping to support ovulation function
– Helping to improve sperm quality
Yes, acupuncture is often used with clients who are not going through assisted fertility protocols, but are trying to conceive naturally.
At the first visit to the clinic clients are often a little anxious, especially if they have never had acupuncture before.

Each client is treated according to their own individual circumstances and in order to do this a full medical case history is taken relevant to the client’s situation. Acupuncture may be given at the first appointment if appropriate.
Acupuncture is not painful but often there will be a sensation of dullness or tingling around the insertion site which settles quite quickly, leading to a feeling of relaxation.

After a session of Acupuncture there is often a feeling of lightness and well being.
Many clients continue to use acupuncture throughout their pregnancy to help with morning sickness, headaches, backaches and general well being.

Many clients have weekly acupuncture sessions in the lead up to labour with research suggesting that this may contribute to a better birth experience.

Many women become pregnant through the combined use of IVF, and acupuncture. A significant number of our infertility patients may use acupuncture only as their choice of support.

Expert support in a relaxed environment

Ruth Chappell qualified as an Acupuncturist in 1990 with the British College of Acupuncture and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. She draws on her past experience in nursing, obstetrics and health visiting to bring to her clients a unique understanding of healthcare. Ruth supports clients who are receiving assisted fertility treatments at both the Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine (G. C. R. M.) and the Glasgow Royal Infirmary

We offer the best of complementary medicine in a professional, relaxed, friendly setting. With treatment rooms in Park Circus Glasgow, the clinic offers holistic treatments for the whole person.

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“Ruth has listened carefully and recommended therapies at each stage to support the IVF process. I am convinced that her treatments can work fantastically alongside the traditional methods.“


Ruth has the most calming, gentle personality. This is our second IVF successful pregnancy. Cannot recommend Complementary Medicine Centre enough.

Partner of Fertility Acupuncture Patient - Glasgow

Brian has an in-depth knowledge and is the kindest and most compassionate of men. I find it easy to engage with him, including opening up about my personal wellbeing.

Homeopathy Patient - Glasgow

My great nephew registers on the autism spectrum. It has been a joy for our family to see how much he has come on under Brian’s care. He can now communicate much more effectively with us as well as interacting in a greater way. We can’t thank Brian enough for what he has done for him.

Family of Homeopathy Patient - Glasgow