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Based in Park Circus, Glasgow, Ruth Chappell provides acupuncture & fertility treatments. Brian Fleming helps people stop smoking using hypnotherapy in our relaxed & safe surroundings. With decades of experience & knowledge - we are here to help you!

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Ruth Chappell has seen thousands of clients over her 25 years as an Acupuncturist and she is one of the best known in Scotland.

Brian Fleming has been involved in complementary medicine since 1994. He offers safe and natural Homeopathy and Hypnosis treatments for a wide range of acute and long standing conditions including stopping smoking.

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How it works

New to Complementary Medicine?
Here are some useful answers to help you start

Complementary Medicine can be defined as treatments that are outside of conventional or mainstream medicine.

They are not usually offered as treatments by the NHS but have often been recognised as useful in conjunction with these more recognised treatments.
Whilst alternative medicine is often used in place of conventional treatments, complementary medicines are designed to be used alongside mainstream treatments. Many of them have also been clinically tested, whereas almost all alternative medicines have not.

We will never push you to only use our services or to use them in place of conventional treatment.
There are many benefits to using complementary medicines! For more extensive overviews of the services we offer and their benefits, please visit our dedicated pages.

We believe that our therapies can offer incredible physical and emotional relief, but the best results are always found when used in conjunction with conventional medicines.
Generally, our first sessions with all of our patients last an hour. We will discuss your individual circumstances and often recommend a particular number of sessions based on what you want to get out of them. From then on, sessions may be longer or shorter based on the extensiveness of the treatment required.

For some treatments, such as stopping smoking, a patient may only need one session.

Ruth has the most calming, gentle personality. This is our second IVF successful pregnancy. Cannot recommend Complementary Medicine Centre enough.

Partner of Fertility Acupuncture Patient - Glasgow

Brian has an in-depth knowledge and is the kindest and most compassionate of men. I find it easy to engage with him, including opening up about my personal wellbeing.

Homeopathy Patient - Glasgow

My great nephew registers on the autism spectrum. It has been a joy for our family to see how much he has come on under Brian’s care. He can now communicate much more effectively with us as well as interacting in a greater way. We can’t thank Brian enough for what he has done for him.

Family of Homeopathy Patient - Glasgow