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Allergy Testing in Glasgow

Allergies, environmental and food sensitivities are becoming more and more common, as part of everyday living in an increasingly polluted world. Crop sprays and farm pesticides have found their way into both the food chain and our water supply and few of us can escape the effects of petrol and diesel fumes. True allergies however affect relatively few people, while sensitivities affect a great proportion of the population.

Food sensitivities often mean that foods which the body cannot properly assimilate are passed into the bloodstream, where the immune system treats them as invading organisms. This in turn puts stress on our immune system and it is thought that may be a contributing factor in a wide range of medical conditions, from asthma to arthritis, eczema and M.E. identification of these foods means that they can either be eliminated from the diet, or reduced to a level that the body can comfortably cope with.

The system of sensitivity testing which we use at The Complementary Medicine Centre is Vega Testing equipment, an advanced testing system produced in Germany, where it is used routinely by doctors. Part of the Vega testing process includes the use of natural medicines, to restore, balance and harmonise systems which have been over sensitised or damaged by food and environmental agents.

What is the difference between Allergy, Intolerance, and Sensitivity?

Although the word Allergy is commonly used to describe any unpleasant reaction to a drug, food, insect sting, or chemical, this can be misleading. The word should only really be used to describe a reaction produced by the immune system when the body meets a normally harmless substance, which has been "remembered" from a previous exposure and subsequently produces the IgE antibody.

Sensitivity is an exaggeration of a normal side effect produced by contact with a substance. For example, the amount of caffeine in a single cup of coffee may cause palpitations and trembling in a sensitive person, where this would normally only occur after far higher doses of caffeine.

Intolerance happens for a variety of reasons including the production of different types of antibody against the substance (not the IgE antibody produced in allergy), or because your body does not produce sufficient quantities of a particular enzyme/chemical, which is needed to break down a food and aid digestion.

Testing For

  • Food Sensitivities
  • Environmental Sensitivities
  • Chemical Sensitivities
  • Dust and Pollen
  • Air Bourne Pollutants

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